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Kavya Organic Fertilizer and Growth Promoter

Kavya is a natural organic product. It has been successfully used in the agricultural industry in India to increase the yield & disease resistance of plants. The result are better quality fruits, vegetables and field crops at minimized cost. Ingredients comprise cow dung, milk, urine, curd and ghee mixed in the proper ratio. Water, young coconut, sugar and ripe bananas are added to ferment the mixture.

Various crops such as rice, a variety of vegetables, fruit crops such as mango, banana, guava, lime, cash crops such as sugarcane, turmeric and plantation crops have responded extremely well to application of Kavya.


Essential macro and micro plant nutrients beneficial for growth

Micro Organisms

Naturally occurring, effective micro-organisms, predominantly lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and certain fungi


Beneficial and proven bio-conditioners such as acetobacter, asospirillum and phosphobacterium