The New Way to higher yield. greater profit. a protected planet.

Customer Support

We are with you throughout the whole process: putting you in touch with internationally renowed agronomists, advising on which products to use, providing shippping solutions and staying at your side with advice during the fertilizing period. In short: we are there for you!

Kill the bugs

When we use pesticides, we make sure they are exactly the ones you need for your specific pest. Thus, we kill the bugs while also helping to:

Maximizing profit

Our services and products are designed to help you maximize your profit now and continue to do so in the future through sustainable agriculture.

Protect the environment

Organic fertilizer, pesticides and growth agents are from nature for nature. We use them increase your yield and at the same time are happy we are not harming the environment!

Who We Are


It is no secret CER Organics has only been around for a short while. Shortly after our inception, though, we have already been entrusted with the management of Baseten Resources Snd Bhd's 300 acres estate in Pahang state. Thus managing our own land, we have a keen awareness of a businesses' needs as respects fertilizer, pesticides and growth agents.

Supplier relationships

We maintain close ties with the original producers of our organic products. This includes constantly monitoring that all relevant regulations encumbant on organic products are met.

Government certification

The process of getting products registered for import is complex. Buying directly from manufacturers is often impossible because of this. We provide all necessary government certification for our products.