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Profits and sustainability through organic agriculture.

CER provides organic fertilizer pesticides growth agents at wholesaler prices.

Organically grown sugar cane Sugar cane,
organically fertilized Limau Kasturi Limau Kasturi
Organically fertilized banana tree bananas or others:
we make them GROW!

Your benefits

Save money

Buying from us is cheaper than buying from a manufacturer.

Save water

Our liquid products need less irrigation, meaning a lower production cost.

Save time

Using liquid products for drop irrigation saves you 20% of your time.

Get higher crop yield

That's why we all fertilize in the first place, right?

Get free training

Get free training with bulk purchases of our organic products.

Protect the environment

Last but not least, have the good feeling of helping protect the beautiful planet we live on!

More information...

We buy in bulk and have all necessary government certification for import. We also have bulk deals with forwarders. That's why buying from us is cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturer.
The application of our liquid products allows for drop irrigation. Drop irrigation needs much less water, saving you extra money!
With bulk purchases you get free training on how to apply it. Right on your farm or plantation (within Malaysia).

Making your business cleaner! greener! richer!

5,500 customers in 100 countries use CER Organic Fertilizers. Become one of them!